About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Resilience InfoTech is an emerging global IT support and consulting firm dedicated to effectively manage the technology investments of the corporate enterprises. We began our operations as staff augmentation providers in the US market and later extended our services to software development industry. Since its inception, the company has evolved as one of the fastest growing software house, with a rapid leap from one member staff to 50+ members in only 18 months.

With the valuable confidence our clients have in us, we have continued to grow our services covering a wide range of industries including healthcare, banking and financial services, insurance, retail, and government. Our expert team of IT engineers and software professionals provides our customers with the potential to deliver cutting-edge technological solutions and proficient business acumen at an extremely competitive cost.

Our highly-skilled team of expert software developers and engineers guided by the world-class leadership marks our core strength and the driving force behind the company’s outstanding success. We are proud of our exceptional team coordination and cooperation that has enabled us to constantly achieve clients’ goals and challenges.

We have concocted the best talent from each field, bringing together the young brilliant minds brimming with innovative ideas and industry veterans each with decades of working experience in Fortune 500 companies. We are a value-driven team constantly upholding the tenants of integrity, respect, commitment, client orientation, efficiency and team spirit. We encourage diversity in an inclusive and highly interactive workplace, where the individuality of every person is respected.

We are constantly thriving to become the choicest one-stop source for complete IT solutions including application development and maintenance, product development, QA testing, technical support, and mobility. Our working model is client-specific, highly-collaborative, flexible and tailored to the customer needs. For optimizing the business environment, we focus on engineering smart solutions with least investment and causing least disruption to the workflow of companies.

We put our engineers through a rigorous training round the year to keep them updated on the technology front. We also take this expertise to the clients who need niche training in the areas of cutting-edge training, mobile computing, and cloud computing, to name a few.

Our knowledge-based approach is deeply rooted in our services, helping our clients through extensive field experience and expertise in implementing innovative solutions and maximizing opportunities for growth.

Resilience InfoTech is the leading full service IT support company filled by the technological innovation and business intelligence. The tech-driven agency envisages to redefine the potential of the global market and transform the traditional enterprising through cost-effective, agile and scalable IT solutions.  Our prime goal is to provide our clients best-in-class services based on in-depth knowledge, matchless expertise and extensive experience in the tech industry.

Our work philosophy is guided by the client-specific approach, driving our efforts to achieve the business goals, increased ROIs and sustainable growth of our valued clients with utmost dedication. Through quality deliverables, advanced technology, and exceptional capabilities, we have quickly secured the competitive edge in the global marketplace that has garnered us the trust of a broad clientele.